What’s Behind The Destination Wedding Craze?

If you were to have a look at any of the major wedding publications online, be it Bride book, Hitched or any other site picked from the ever increasing mass of websites covering the area it won’t take you long to find a blog post, article or a report on a couple’s big day spent in some far-flung destination.

The fact is destination weddings have far too many benefits not to be up for consideration by a husband & wife to be. People want their big day to be special and to live long in the memories of all the guests in attendance and what better way to do it than to take them all off to some beautiful venue in the verdant Pyrenees or to the white isle of Santorini nestled on the crest of a sunken Caldera.

Not only will the picturesque surroundings contribute to the occasion but the option to create a theme that matches the location can easily lift the wedding to a whole new level. We’ve seen rustic themed weddings in the vineyards of France, to elegant and refined events in beautiful villas in Spain. The possibilities really are endless, and that’s before we come to the primary motivator towards to choosing to have a destination wedding and that is THE PRICE!

For the price of a decent wedding venue in the UK, you could easily cover an all-in-one package in Spain. That includes catering, the venue hire, the music and more importantly the wedding planner after all you don’t want to get stuck trying use Google translate when trying to order your cake for the big day.

It never used to be this cheap of course but with the advent of cheap flights and economic strife across The Mediterranean a new industry for affordable weddings was born. When weddings can be this easy to organise the age-old stress of organising your big day can easily be replaced by a relaxing holiday culminating in a stroll up the aisle with a nice & natural tan and in the company family & friends who are all in holiday mode. So why not give it a go?

Words by Jenny @ Indigo & Violet