Let’s face it: you’ll be much too busy posing for photos to keep your guests happy. Impressive decor, photo booths, wedding reception games and other fun touches can be great ways to outsource that particular responsibility.

Photo booths are great, but perhaps you have thought ways of making it appeal to your guests in unique and exciting ways. You’ll find many different ways to get them chatting with each other, while your guests are taking photos.

Wedding reception games that are sophisticated

Games may be an easy strategy to entertain guests, and we’ve seen getting-to-know-you games get great traction with wedding goers however maybe choosing a game with a bit more style can add a certain je ne sais quoi.

An excellent seating chart
All guests have to find out where they are seated at your reception, and unfortunately, this process is usually more disorganised than fun. Why not try and create a lovely experience for the guests? We love guests finding their place card, and leaving behind a Polaroid picture of themselves before they’re seated. This hack that is tricky doubles as a fun seating experience for an easy, visual strategy and your guests to remember.

Use a wedding app that is social to talk about moments

(Shameless plug alert!) Everyone has a smartphone these days, and it is possible that they’ll be Instagramming their favourite moments and try to look up their fellow guests on Facebook. Why not make it easy to allow them to get to understand each other and share your wedding moments using a personal wedding app?

A special drink pairing or tasting
Booze is always a great strategy to get people more social but why not add a twist and also make it a little more interesting? Get an expert in your favourite alcohol to hold pairing or a tasting for the guests. Keep a Scotch and chocolate pairing in case the groom is a scotch aficionado. Other great ideas could be a wine and cheese pairing, or a speciality beer tasting (for all you hipsters out there).

A spectacular send-off
Don’t underestimate the energy of a spectacular send-off. Once guests are riding high on a night of dancing and drinks (open bar, right?) sending you off in style could be a fun way to end the night.


Words By Steve Walton Wedding Photography