Wedding Destination Spotlight: Majorca

With destination weddings proving to be not only more memorable occasions but also the more economically favourable option, we at Wedding Photographers Guide have decided to focus on some of Europes best options for those of you wishing to enter into wedlock on the continent and in style. Our resident photographer Daniel Moore has a few words to share about Majorca.

Many couples have already chosen to enjoy the Balearic beauty of Majorca on their wedding day and who can blame them. This Island is teeming with activities to do, historical sites to check out, great weather and all the amenities you could require to keep all your guests happy. Here are a few standout reasons as to why.

1. Ease Of Travel
It’s just two hours away from the Uk and given Majorca fantastic reputation as a holiday destination over they years we have numerous UK airports to choose from making it a great destination to travel to in both convenience and cost.

2. Activities
While most will wish to relax by the beach before and after the big simply day there will, of course, be some that want to embrace the more adventurous side of the island. Majorca offers something for everyone from scuba diving to rock climbing, historical sites and moderate hikes. With that type of variation, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular destination.

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3. Venues
From villas nestled away in the hills to beautiful, white stone mansions that have been converted into multi-purpose buildings for events not just restricted to weddings. It’s clear to me that whatever budget you have you will be able to find a great option on the island.