Tips On Choosing The Right Cake For You

Getting the right cake for your wedding is a job that I slow on the list of priorities. After all, the venue, dress and decor will no doubt be taking up much more of your time. That said, it is still important that the wedding cake looks great, tastes delicious and if possible doesn’t break the bank. That last point may be a step too far given the astronomical costs when it comes to purchasing wedding services.

We have decided to put together a few pointers that will help you ensure this not too important detail of the wedding still delivers!

1. Collaboration Can Work
This may sound a bit out there but why not ask your florist to communicate with your cake designer to see if they can find some commonality in their approach. This can help feed into the overall theme of the wedding and give the day a little bit of a special touch.

2. Put It On Show
Instead of keeping the cake hidden away why not put it on display so everyone can see it throughout the day. After all you will Have spent a considerable amount of money on it and it will no doubt look the part. It will be a nice addition to the overall setting of the reception area.

3. What To Put On Top
Unless you’re going for some retro style plastic models of the bride and groom topping, and let’s be honest, why would you? Then you can go for a more charming approach like a ginger-bread man or a delicate set of ribbons.

4. Save Some For After
There is always some cake left over at the end, and most couples will want to save it to enjoy at a later date. I’ve even heard of couples keeping a cake until their first anniversary, eeeewwww!! I can guarantee that the idea is better in the mind than it is on the tongue. By all means save it but make sure you consume it no later 2/4 weeks after the wedding.

Words By Jay Emme Wedding Photography Birmingham