A special wedding at Seftom Park

Every once in a while we like to highlight what we think are standout weddings. For this one we have asked Cambridge wedding photographer Peter Oliver to share a few words on a recent wedding he has shot.

I adore nearly every single day at the Palm House. I walk my dog around the park. When you get a beautiful and easy going couple like Mike and Kate you know you are in for an excellent evening. Mikes and Kate is one of a long sequence of buddies weddings I have photographed. I first shot Gavin and Tam ’s exciting wedding at Inglewood Way. Next, I shot Soul and Neha ’s wedding that was fantastic. Then Emma and Femi ’s elegant equestrian wedding at Haslington Hall. It’s excellent to see a lot of preceding partners and be welcomed as an old friend.

There is plenty of room and lots of sunshine (which professional wedding photographers adore) and lots of wine (which brides and bridesmaids love). Kate had a comfortable morning which was lovely; it had been interesting showing the story in graphics and getting it.

I was long overdue a catch up with Mike in the Cathedral of St Matthew and St James Hill and we certainly made the most of the time we had.Mike and Kate had a wonderful, warm and friendly service by one Joe, of the parishes old priests.

St James and Saint Matthew is an English Heritage Grade – II listed building that is stunning. Its original stained-glass windows were destroyed by means of a bomb blast during world war two and replaced with clear glass. This means the light inside this cathedral is delightful for wedding pictures. I was able to catch their wedding service magnificently.

Once the service was finished, we all made our way for
Sefton Park wedding reception.

I’ve shot at several Sefton Park weddings in both summer and winter. Both it and the surrounding Sefton Park change from month to month, but it’s always clean and looking like new. Kate’s wedding went far too fast for me, as is always the case when you enjoy everything you are doing. I’d photographed the party as well as their first dance, and it was absolutely the perfect day in their perfect location.