Kids at Weddings

We all know they can cause chaos sometimes while on other occasions they can be a joy to watch. We wanted to hear Ian Bursill‘s thoughts on haveing kids at weddings and as you can see from the words below he has certainly had plenty of experience.

It’s safe to say that all grownups involved in the wedding day see it as a truly special occasion. It’s one of the largest (if not THE biggest) day in partners lives. So if adults see the day that way, then just imagine how it’s for children of ages involved.

I recall giving among my sisters the mix of dread as well as away at the tender age of only 14 & delight made for one really nervous but happy child.

At most of the weddings I document, there are children a darn sight younger than 14 who are involved in highly important jobs on the day as bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys and ushers. At a particular wedding I coated several years past – the best man proved to be a young lad of around 11 whose father was the bridegroom – and yes, his speech was brilliant and had the guests in tears.

As you’ll see in the images posted here, having kids offers me something different as a photographer. I’ll provide some advice for couples in the stages of planning their weddings how to adapt & entertain these small guests. In change, you’ll take back some significant ‘grown up’ time in case you permit their children to be brought by them.

Use colouring books and put them on the dining table to be used during the wedding breakfast. This was and is still a winner for my two girls and keeps them cheerfully occupied throughout meal instances outside.

The children eat and can sit together. In supervising the small ones, parents can take turns, or you could hire some childminders to aid.

In case the dining room isn’t big enough, ask your place should they have another room for the children to eat in – this would need to be supervised by childminders.