Welcome to the new Wedding Photographers Guide!

wedding-photographers-guideWelcome to the new Wedding Photographers Guide!

This is the new hot place to get all the latest reviews and news from wedding photographers across the UK! We’re excited, and we hope you are too!

We’re going to be featuring fabulous weddings from around the UK from great wedding photographers so that you can get all the inspiration you need to plan the perfect marriage.

We will also be featuring some of the most exceptional weddings photography talents, highlighting those lesser known wedding photographers and showcasing some great images.

We decided to set this website up after having worked with so many amazing photographers on some of the largest publications in the UK. We wanted to put together somewhere that provided a one-stop shop for wedding photography resources for you!

As a photographer myself I understand how difficult it can be to showcase my material to potential clients so for all those budding photographers out there make sure to get in touch and send your content our way!

Well we hope you like the site and stay tuned for some of the most amazing wedding photography you’ve ever seen!