A Santorini Wedding

I’ve just returned from a majestic week in the gorgeous island of Santorini. This place is one of hottest around fro destination weddings and today I want to explain why the place ha so much appeal. It is after-all just rock in the middle of the Mediterranean, I mean, does it really justify the hype? I can confirm that it does and here are a few reasons why.

1 – Picture postcard scenes

The sights you will see here are breathtaking. Simply put the images of Santorini will be burned into your memory for the rest of your days. The town is positioned at the highest point on the island providing tourists with incredible views over the caldera of which it is a part of. A caldera is a sunken volcano and Santorini rests on the rim overlooking the huge mass of water before it. Cameras at the ready folks, this is one special place!

2 – That little something extra

While most will be happy to get drunk at the wedding and rest on the beach the rest of their time however there are of course a lot of people who want to get out and about and do some activities. Luckily Santorini offers scuba diving, wine tasting and really interesting trips to excavation sites that seek to discover more about the lost Minoan civilisation that was wiped out by a volcanic eruption.

3 – The Cost

Gone are the days when destination holidays were the sole domain of the affluent. Th ease of travel within the EU, reduced airfares and economic strife along The Mediterranean has created an opening for all in one package holidays that come in at less than the of a decent venue in the UK. When you think about it, it’s a bit of a no brainer!

Words By Steven Brook Wedding Photography